Biodiesel Conversion

With the price of everything going sky high especially with fuel and the like, people are looking for other means to fuel their vehicles since there is no indication that the prices of such will change for the consumer's advantage.

Biodiesel is becoming a popular choice for many. Most people that own vehicles with diesel engines are rediscovering this type of fuel for many reasons. But what is biodiesel exactly? Biodiesel is a fuel that is manufactured from oils and fats of vegetables and animals. Since vehicles with diesel engines have the ability to run on organic fuel, biodiesel is a better alternative to petroleum. It is not only a healthier choice (environmentally friendly in many ways) but it is also a lot cheaper than other petroleum brands.

Do not confuse vegetable oil as biodiesel. In order for a diesel motor to burn the vegetable oil, it needs to have similar properties to those of petroleum diesel. This can be done with the biodiesel processing.

Biodiesel conversion kits are therefore not necessary if your vehicle is not running on straight vegetable oil. However, there are two issues that you may be faced with that may require a car to have a biodiesel conversion:

1. In extreme cold weather, biodiesel can freeze the fuel lines causing it to stop functioning properly. In cases such as this, the vehicle may require a fuel heating system so that the biodiesel keeps on flowing. There are many manufacturers especially in Europe where they make and supply these particular types of biodiesel conversions in their vehicles. One such manufacturer is Volkswagen.

2. If the vehicle has an incompatible fuel system such as those that use nitrite rubber in the fuel system. Such vehicles will also need a biodiesel conversion kits to run biodiesel in their engine so that it would run smoothly with no problem.

In general, converting to biodiesel as your fuel is better for you financially. It saves a lot of money and it is also good for the environment. Biodiesel conversions kits are not necessary unless you are situated in a place with extreme cold weather or your car is a pre-1994 model.

There will be times that you would be approached by someone offering you deals on biodiesel conversion kits. These deals can be really expensive and if you are not sure if you need a biodiesel conversion for the type of engine you have, do not make a mistake of panic buying. Make sure you know all the details first.