Biodiesel Production, use and benefits

Biodiesel production is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In many towns and cities, people are turning to biodiesel for their auto fuel needs. You would be surprise that some are producing their own biodiesels from the comforts of their own homes. If you feel that you are one of the few that have no idea what biodiesel is and its benefits then read on.

 Benefits of Biodiesel Use

Biodiesel is great to use because of its many benefits. One of the greatest benefits of biodiesel is that it is environmentally friendly. You do not have to be an environmental activist to be aware of the greenhouse effect and if you are looking for ways to help in this cause even in little ways, consider using biodiesel for fuel.

• The emission of carbon dioxide (main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming) is reduced to more than 75% when you use 100% biodiesel.

• Biodiesel eliminates all the sulfur emitted by conventional diesels.

• Reduces carbon monoxide, smog and hydrocarbon emissions.

• Since biodiesels are made from crops and other plant matters that had a past life absorbing carbon dioxide, it doubles its life cycle of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

• The process of biodiesel production is cleaner than the conventional diesel process.

• Biodiesel is biodegradable and the Environmental Protection Agency consider it to be non-toxic.

Better for Cars

• Because biodiesel is a cleaner burning fuel than the conventional diesel, it is better for your car’s engine.

• It provides greater engine lubrication.

• Your engine is left with fewer particulate deposits.

• It is a safer fuel because it has a high ignition point.(350ºF)

Biodiesel Production

To get a bird’s eye view of how biodiesel is made, the basic process is laid out:

• Biodiesel is made by altering the molecular structure of any organic oil chemically using a catalyst and an alcohol.

• The oil is heated to a certain designated temperature and the catalyst and alcohol mixture is added to the oil.

• You will be able to check if the chemical reaction was a success as you will see three layers of the oil. The top one being the biodiesel, middle layer may contain soap and bottom layer will include glycerin.

• Other layers will then be drained off and the biodiesel will be washed of any impurities. Once the biodiesel is dried and filtered through fuel filters, it is ready for use.

The biodiesel production has become wide spread throughout because people are becoming more aware of the economic and environmental changes every country is experiencing. Also, biodiesel helps the fuel consumers from relying on dwindling fossil fuel resources which is always associated with world politics. Biodiesel is also a lot cheaper than other conventional fuels.

There are several types and sizes of biodiesel plants available that will greatly simplify the process for you.